VisOne Therapy Overview

VisOne® delivers Asymptomatic Diaphragmatic Stimulation (ADS) which generates a transient intrathoracic pulse, and augments cardiac hemodynamics.

What It Is

A Novel Heart Failure Therapy

Electrical stimulation is delivered to the diaphragm, modulating intrathoracic pressure pulses on the cardiovascular system.

Asymptomatic and Benign

Both stimulation and pulsation are asymptomatic, with early feasibility studies demonstrating no negative chronic diaphragmatic or adverse effects.


Our algorithms ensure the forces generated by intrathoracic pulsation supplements those generated by cardiac systole and diastole for each and every beat.

Minimally Invasive

Standard laparoscopic surgical methods are used to place and adjust the system.

System Components

Implantable Pulse Generator

Electronic circuity and algorithms to deliver stimulation therapy enclosed in a hermetically sealed titanium and silicone case.

Sensing and Therapy Lead Electrodes

Active fixation bipolar electrodes surgically affixed to the diaphragm.

External Programmer with Telemetry Wand

Wirelessly views and programs device data.

Laparoscopic Implant Tool

Surgical access via a minimally invasive laparoscopic port.

Effects of ADS on Ejection Fraction @12 months
*J Cardiac Failure. 2017; 23(8):S120

Effects of ADS on Ejection Fraction

Stability of Capture Thresholds @12 months
*J Cardiac Failure. 2017; 23(8):S120

Stability of Capture Thresholds